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Handling & Body Language 101

Ever wonder what your dog is trying to tell you? How about what your body is telling your dog? Dogs are experts at reading human body language, but sometimes our bodies lie! Discover the mysteries of dog communication, learn how to handle your dog using appropriate equipment and communicating using body language. Learn the secrets of dog communication and handling with our JWalker & Pet Intel. team of Canine Coaches.


Canine Inclusion & Resolution Course

Learn the skills you need to implement a forever change in your life and your relationship with your dog.

We don't always end up with the dog we envisioned. It's not always how it appears in the movies. Are you trying to put a square peg in a round hole? Relationships take work, acceptance and understanding. Trying to make your dog something they are not will not fix the problem, but working with your dog to help him become the best version of himself will not only reduce stress, but will allow for a conflict-free life of inclusion and resolution.


Foster, Rescue, ADOPT Webinar

Give yourself the gift of knowledge. By completing this program you will be better prepared to introduce a rescue dog into your home. Plan for success and help your rescue dog overcome the traumas and stresses of their past. The program content is aimed to teach students the formula to rehabilitate and appropriately transition rescue dogs into new homes. Whether you are an official or 'unofficial' dog rescuer, this program will provide you will valuable information on how to help each dog become the best versions of themselves from assessment to household dynamics and beyond.